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Electric car
Almost all well-known automakers around the world are developing non-traditional engine-powered cars. Whether it is a hybrid car or an electric car – its unique connection system is of particular importance in all innovative non-traditional engines. The diversity required to meet its interface is extremely strict. High plug-in times The necessary performance requirements of current carrying capacity, heat resistance and shock resistance are exactly what Yunyi connector system can provide.

Through intelligent design and use of special materials, Yunyi provides a convincing and sustainable connection solution for automotive applications, especially for the reliable transmission of large currents in complex environments.

A typical application in the automotive industry is the connection of components such as air-conditioning compressors. In addition, pluggable charging also benefits from one of the key advantages of the Yunyi connector, which is to ensure that the battery charging system exceeds 10,000 plug-in cycles. Environmentally-friendly new energy vehicle technologies are benefiting from Yunyi's decades of rich experience.


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