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Xi'an Spring Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to environmental protection and electronic product research and development, design and sales. Companies rely on a strong technical team, experienced sales staff for domestic and foreign customers to provide high-quality products and warm and thoughtful service. Companies adhering to the "people-oriented, customer first, sincere solidarity, pioneering and innovative" business philosophy, adhere to the technical research and development as the driving force, customer demand-oriented, high-quality products as a fundamental, user-oriented services for the purpose of forming an environmentally friendly products, opto electronic connectors, Hardware tools and other major products for the domestic and foreign engineering companies, end users, to provide products to the sale of a complete set of customized solutions. Products are mainly used in industrial waste water treatment, deep purification of water quality, medical equipment, telecommunications electronics, military spaceflight, automotive ships and other fields. Spiro all colleagues are willing to contribute to the global environmental protection and electronic communications industry.

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